Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Michael Oher -- I'll jump on the bandwagon

No, I haven't seen the movie yet. I haven't been to a movie since 2006 (The Longest Yard) when I was totally turned off by the entire theater-going experience.
But I have been an Ole Miss fan since the 1980s. So when I noticed that there were a lot of great color pictures of Oher available on the 'net, I figured I'd knock out a 1955-style card over the holidays.
Now that the Packers didn't advance in the playoffs, and since the Giants (Eli) aren't in it, I guess I'll pull for the Ravens to make it in the AFC. In the NFC I'm hoping to see the Vikings in the Super Bowl. I'm not all caught up in the love Brett/hate Brett thing that we have going here in Wisconsin, but how can you not root for a 40-year-old quarterback to win the big one? Though if he does, I'll have to revise my Brett Favre custom card. I made that right after he "retired" the first time and it really should be updated.

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